Sectors of excellence

Towards new generation housing

New generation housing

Several million euros invested

To continue to transform itself over the next 10 years into a demonstration territory for the urban revolution, sustainable housing, the living environment and eco-construction, all the institutional actors of the Artois metropolitan center and many private actors, spread over the four corners of our territory, are mobilized.

Our project includes:

  • the integration of public and landscaped spaces in a chain of parks of 4 ha.
  • a new organization of means of transport and soft connections.
  • a redeployment of economic and commercial activities.
  • adapting public services to the local needs of our populations.
  • the energy and architectural renovation of our building stock (up to 40% of the building stock for Lens-Lévin!)

Real estate developers are actively involved in this residential transformation program by embarking on large-scale operations.

The most ambitious programs offer more than 1 new housing units for rental, purchase or sale, with the key word: quality of life. Varied projects that will also innovate in terms of co-construction, new solutions with the inhabitants, to meet their needs for intergenerational, participatory housing, etc.

A center of excellence
sustainable development

Over the years, Base 11/19 in Loos en Gohelle, a former beacon of the mining industry, has become a real center of excellence: development of eco-materials and eco-construction, technology demonstrations rehabilitation of old housing, test platform on renewable energies… The site welcomes many eco-companies who come to train, develop their network or finally settle there.

Le CD2E (centre for the creation and development of eco-businesses) makes Base 11/19 the European showcase for eco-transition with in particular:

  • the Team2 competitiveness cluster (recycling and circular economy)
  • the Ekwation cluster (energy and environmental performance of the building)
  • the [aveniR] platform (life cycle analysis in all economic sectors)
  • the LumiWatt solar platform (experimentation with existing photovoltaic technologies)
  • Réhafutur (experimental and innovative project for the eco-renovation of mining housing with the use of eco-materials)
  • the Eco-construction Theater with BuildingCity (innovative educational space dedicated to the building of tomorrow) and a dedicated training center.

The LGCgE lab

On the Bethune University Campus, the Civil Engineering and Geo-Environment Laboratory offers multidisciplinary research to respond to the issues raised by construction, sustainable development, the safety of structures and infrastructures, the rational management of energy, the protection of natural resources, the management of contaminated sites and biodiversity.

Positive Energy Territory for Green Growth

The Artois metropolitan center aims to include the territory in the ecological and energy transition. For several years now, the climate and energy policies of urban areas have been strengthened, and measures in favor of housing renovation (Local Housing Program) are multiplying. Sometimes, objectives for rehabilitation of the built stock and intervention in favor of old buildings are clearly set...

It is in this context that, for example, in Hénin-Carvin, it was decided in 2005 to adopt an Urban and Rural Ecology Charter for sustainable development of the territory, followed by a commitment affirmed in a Plan Territorial Climate-Air-Energy (PCAET) adopted in 2016. In 2015, the agglomeration was designated "Positive Energy Territory for Green Growth" by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, on the basis of the many air-energy-climate actions implemented.