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In a labeled park, on the eco-transition territory, with the Grand Artois Committee or thanks to the work of the Grand Forum...

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Our credo

Resilience rooted in history

Leader of the first Industrial Revolution and victim of the second, the territory of the Metropolitan Pole of Artois is particularly aware of the links between economic activity, environment and society. This mining history very early led to the appearance of cutting-edge projects on ecological transition. Among the pioneers, Loos en Gohelle, a pilot city for sustainable development recognized as a "national demonstrator of change management" and the CD2E.

In this particular territorial context, the eco-transition aims to limit the impact of human activities on the environment, while improving the quality of life of residents and preventing future crises. The ecological transition will be fair, supportive and bring opportunities for all, especially in terms of jobs!


A whole territory mobilized for the eco-transition

Since 2018, the Artois Metropolitan Pole has been carrying out the approach of “Eco-transition turbine”. It brings together a network of more than 250 contributors public and private around three goals:

  • Massifying the transition on the territory
  • Support transition projects at all levels
  • Strengthen cooperation between actors, an infinite resource of the territory.

The Strategic axes set by this collective territorial dynamic: renaturing the territory, developing active mobility, decarbonizing economic activity and reterritorializing sustainable productive sectors.

The territory is also part of the dynamic Rev3, which aims to make Hauts-de-France the first connected and sustainable region in Europe.

Training adapted to the market

A range of training

The Artois metropolitan center offers a training map aiming at the adequacy jobs of the future, to those who will develop employment in France but also and especially on the territory. He also wants to help log on durably circles that don't know each other well in order to promote the development of appropriate training, long-term jobs and fully contribute to economic development.

Digital training at Pop School, sustainable building at CFP Sainte-Barbe, logistics and supply-chain on the Euralogistic Campus, at the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Béthune, at the University of Artois or with a network of professional high schools in direct contact with companies to facilitate internships and then recruitment, the palette is varied…


Improving relations between the economic world and National Education

The Grand Artois Committee works at the level of the 3 urban communities of Lens-Liévin, Hénin-Carvin and Béthune-Bruay on "the new challenges of the territory ". The goal? Promote better knowledge of the territorial ecosystem and intensify exchanges between training players and the entrepreneurial world.

The approach aims to:

  • network general education high schools and vocational high schools among themselves so that they identify all their means
  • to provide a catalog presenting the complete service offer of the high schools of the territory
  • update all initial, professional and continuous training so that business leaders have a clear vision of the existing sectors in the territory.

Putting a unique telephone number online

Companies, which often regret not knowing how to navigate the maquis of training, immediately see “who does what and where”. Call +33 (0)6 95 76 15 03. On the line, an expert employee's mission is to put the business manager or human resources manager in touch with the right person or the competent department.

By its size (on the scale of such a vast territory), this bouquet of services constitutes a innovation totally unprecedented. It connects all of the high schools professionals and generals, from the education area, an IUT and a University which join forces in a common project aimed at the economic world.

The creation of this bouquet of services is capable of lastingly modifying the relations between these two sectors of activity and promote professional integration on the territory.

"Let's dare our talents"

The Pôle métropolitain de l'Artois supports this operation, which allows the population to be informed very concretely about the business who recruit through workshops scenarios. Our partners are the Lens-Liévin Hénin-Carvin Employment Center and the Plan for Integration and Employment of the arrondissement of Béthune, in association with the host municipalities.

The Great Forum

A tool to guide, debate, promote convergence

The Grand Forum brings together elected officials, technicians, business leaders, members of National Education, associations, civil society... all those concerned by the future of the territory of the Metropolitan Pole of Artois and who wish to work constructive way in favor of development, ecological transition and the well-being of the population. Its main objective is to promote the fertile encounter between the processes of representative democracy (elected officials) and participatory democracy (civil society).

Gathered 3 to 4 times a year, these actors come to seek information, discuss development issues, label exemplary projects, discuss issues that are specific to them but that go beyond their borders of action. In order to provide collective and coordinated responses, the Grand Forum promotes the convergence of active forces and reports to the Artois metropolitan center in order toguide public policies.

He also has at his disposal the experts of the Quality Circle, whose intervention he can request to come illuminate complex subjects. He may also request the intervention of major guests or major witnesses.

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