A new business hotel

Christophe Pilch, president of the Hénin-Carvin Agglomeration, Marcello Della Franca, Mayor of Montigny-en-Gohelle and Jean-François Raffy, sub-prefect of Lens laid the first stone of the hotel on March 8, 2022. businesses in Montigny-en-Gohelle.

As part of its economic development policy, the territory wanted to strengthen its rental offer for business creators and project leaders. The business hotel makes it possible to expand the real estate offer of the CAHC and thus to have continuity in the residential course of the companies of the territory.

Key figures

  • Total building area: 1 m² on a plot of approximately 445 m²
  • 4 small workshops of 200 m² of usable area: 115 m² ground floor, 52 m² loggia and 33 m² office
  • 2 large workshops of 295 m² of usable area: 210 m² on the ground floor, 50 m² in the loggia and 35 m² of office
  • 1 common break room of approximately 35 m²
  • Total cost: €2
  • Photovoltaic panels: 120 panels for a power of 36 KVA
  • State contribution: €273

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