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Focus on renewable energies

Renewable energies

Accessible to all, the solar cadastre of the Metropolitan Pole of Artois makes it possible to evaluate in a few clicks the profitability of a solar thermal or photovoltaic installation on the roof of an existing building.

A simple and practical tool at the service of the entire population of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Artois!

Towards a territorial energy observatory

The Artois Urban Planning Agency is currently developing a platform which will eventually present the territory's energy consumption and renewable energy deposits. The goal? Promote the pooling and development of renewable and recovered energies. Several data and methodologies have already been produced. The AULA can thus already support:

– Renewable energy development projects on wasteland and neglected land

– Waste heat recovery projects in the main industrial zones of the territory. An asset to promote the decarbonization of activities!

Accompany to

Structures of the highest level accompany your transition on the Metropolitan Pole of Artois:

- Team2 : the Team2 competitiveness cluster is the national benchmark for innovation in recycling and the circular economy

- CD2E : the eco-business development center has been supporting companies in the Hauts-de-France Region for more than 20 years in the fields of sustainable building, circular economy, renewable energies and sustainable purchasing

- BuildingCity : educational, unique, immersive and innovative space dedicated to sustainable building in all its dimensions

Here, gray matter and ingenuity have always transformed our way of life!

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