ALL – Around the Louvre-Lens

Rising tourist destination

From the Great War to Art Deco, from brick to coal, from Polish know-how to giants, from beer to chocolate… There is so much to discover, to test, to experience “Around the Louvre-Lens”.

ALL is an international destination, which relies on two prestigious brands: the Louvre-Lens andUNESCO.

Awarded in 2017 at Square Marketing Forum, which presents the best place marketing practices in the world, it was selected in 2015 and 2018 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs among the 22 major French destinations to promote abroad.

big projects

Its gateways include the major mining sites listed as World Heritage – 9-9bis and its Metaphone in Oignies, Base 11/19 in Loos en Gohelle, the Cité des Électriciens in Bruay La Buissière, etc. (more information)

She accompanied nearly 150 tourism projects within the framework of the design system, through conceptual, financial or programming studies, as well as an engineering contribution. For example, the Louvre-Lens hotel, the Olhain park, the Lens-Liévin tourist office, lodges and other restaurants have benefited from this support.

Design at heart

It is thus found in the design of accommodation and catering spaces but also in a range of derivative products, ranging from the now famous snow globe to the luxury scarf by the Japanese designer Yukari Suda, passing by the chicory confit.

It is about finding a whole series of values, focused on the authenticity, friendliness, originality and creativity of the territory, in a tourism in line with future consumption patterns.

All the tourist info

A collaborative platform of tourist offices was created in 2013 to organize ALL-wide tourist reception, visitor surveys, promotion and marketing.

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