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settle in?

A geographical position strategic

At the heart of a basin of 80 million consumers, the Artois metropolitan center is connected to Lille, Paris, Brussels and London by the TGV, by 3 motorways and by 1 wide-gauge canal.

7th French agglomeration with nearly 650 inhabitants, it is organized into urban centers on a human scale and interconnected thanks, in particular, to the Chain of Parks.

Rev3, eco-transition accelerator

The Artois metropolitan center is betting on the Third Industrial Revolution, Rev3, of which it is a demonstrator. Coal made it the energy leader for almost two centuries.

The objective, today, is to mobilize around industrial and logistical efficiency, renewable energies, new materials, digital, culture, the sports economy... for a green, attractive and inspiring!

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Sectors of excellence

Industry of the future, renewable energies, sustainable building, logistics, electromobility, digital, culture... so many sectors of excellence developed here for tomorrow.

The Artois metropolitan center in figures

A young territory, respectful of its heritage and resolutely turned towards the future

  • of the population under 20

  • common


UNESCO label
Mining area
World Heritage
  • i.e. 10% of the population of Hauts-de-France

  • in Loos en Gohelle, the former Base 11/19 mining site has been transformed into a sustainable development cluster: unique in France

  • digital establishment and Rev3

  • Parks Chain

    connected by 420 km of greenways: unique in Europe

  • around the Louvre-Lens

Art of living :
unique initiatives in Europe

A massive investment in quality of life and culture, that is the bet made by the Artois Metropolitan Pole. The Chain of Parks constitutes the landscape framework of the territory, a veritable green Archipelago. Among these parks, that of the Louvre-Lens around which a unique museum center in Europe has been formed with the Center for the Conservation of the Works of the Louvre. At the heart of this green lung, too, mining sites listed on the prestigious UNESCO list and slag heaps on which you can ski, plant vines, explore cabins with eco-responsible design...

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